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We realize that it may not always be desirable (or legal) for women to go topless, but we also understand the freedom provided by doing so. That’s why we provide a safe, legal alternative by providing the absolute minimum coverage while remaining stylish and covered. 

Ouch-less removal leaves no sticky or gummy residue when you take the products off. These pasties are latex free, hypoallergenic and use medical grade adhesive so they can be used on sensitive skin with no fear of allergic reaction. The pasties are sold as one time use, but our extensive testing has shown that by carefully removing them and adhering them to their original backing, they can often be used more than once. Most of our pasties perform very well in wet conditions, so they are perfect for the pool or boat. Please note, the tassels will not stay in place in wet conditions.


Simply peel off the adhesive backing and apply to clean, oil free (and sunscreen free) skin. Be sure to apply these BEFORE putting on sunscreen as the oil in your sunscreen may cause them to not adhere. Keep the backing for reuse of the pasties. These are sold as single use and are NOT guaranteed for reuse, but many of my customers have been able to successfully use them 2-3 times. If you want to get even more use out of them, you can purchase a bottle of Jobst body glue (not included but available from Amazon/Walmart) and use a dab of that around the edges to get them to stick again.


For easy removal, start at the top edge and gently pull down on either side of the pastie. Most of my pasties have an adhesive free center to ensure that it does not stick to your nipple, but if you are ordering a set that does not have an adhesive free center (you’ll be able to tell by a circle cutout of the backing in the backside picture), you can apply a very LIGHT coating of chap-stick, lip-balm or Vaseline to your nipples. Be VERY sparing in the application of these as you do not want to get these materials on the adhesive that needs to stick to your breast.

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We are a USA based company with our headquarters about 60 miles East of Dallas, TX. We have a long standing tradition of sourcing the highest quality, unique products on the market.

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